Wealth Management Services

The best way an individual can plan for their future is to understand what services are available in the marketplace and how to leverage these resources. We offer insight to our clients that explain the importance of having an investments and savings strategy to work towards attaining long-term financial security.

We will work to develop a comprehensive plan that is based on asset accumulation and preservation based on proven investment strategies. Novus does this through the following process:

  • Meet individually to discuss long-term goals
  • Evaluate the current financial situation
  • Develop a personal financial plan to attain long-term goals
  • Implement the plan

Investment Approach

Most traditional wealth advisors focus exclusively on your investment management such as retirement investing, estate planning, and financial planning. Novus Wealth Advisors uses a different approach because we understand that the full measure of your life’s wealth transcends your financial wealth.

Retirement Investing

Deciding when to retire is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in life. Why? Because most people worry about having enough money to last through their retirements, and whether they will be able to maintain their current lifestyles.